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15 Beautiful Waterfalls Near Delhi to Visit in 2022

Located at an altitude of about 5200 feet, Chadwick Falls should be on your sightseeing list if you are planning a trip from Delhi. Located deep in the Glen Forest, this perennial waterfall is about 300 feet high. Even in summer, its water is quite cold because it flows directly from the snow-capped Himalayas. You can reach the venue after trekking about 1 km from the summer hills, where the drive is extremely natural. You can explore some beautiful waterfalls which are located within 400 kilometers near Delhi.

For those who want to take some rest amid this nature, this shower is the perfect escape on the weekends. These scenic attractions will make your weekend trip memorable. Explore these amazing waterfalls with your loved ones and experience the roaring cascades of various waterfalls located near Delhi. On your trip to these wonderful waterfalls near Delhi, you will see Bhimlat Falls, Badri Falls, and Chadwick Falls which are worth a visit.

1. Kempty Falls, Mussoorie

Kempty Falls is said to be one of the major waterfalls in Uttarakhand near Delhi. The waterfalls are surrounded by high mountain peaks. Since the waterfall falls from a high altitude, it is believed that this water is further divided into 5 different streams. Due to its presence on the Mussoorie-Dehradun highway, Kempty Falls attracts a lot of tourists from all over the country. The holy river Jamuna is about 12 km away from here. In 1835, British officer John McKinnon launched Kempty Falls as a picnic spot. This is a perennial waterfall making it an interesting picnic spot for everyone. You can even bathe under the freshwater of the waterfall.

2. Corbett Waterfall, Nainital

It is a 66 ft high waterfall which is one of the sights of Jim Corbett. You have to walk a little to reach this beautiful place. Moreover, on a full moon night, it becomes a scene witnessed that fascinates many. The lush forests surround the springs and create quite a peaceful atmosphere. That way, after spending time on a jungle safari, you can effortlessly make a cam or plan a picnic near the beautiful Corbett Falls. You will no doubt have one of the best feelings in this famous area of ​​the national park.

3. Neer Garh Waterfall, Rishikesh

Also known as ‘Neer Gaddu’, it is one of the most visited waterfalls in Rishikesh. The waterfall path goes through a fascinating and adventurous path, filled with butterflies and wildflowers, surrounded by dense forests and downhills. The waterfalls look beautiful with a stone face surrounded by greenery. A small wooden bridge has been built near the waterfall so that people can enjoy the beauty of the place. Be sure to take a dip in the cool water of the submerged pool at the bottom of the waterfall and enjoy a cup of hot coffee and Tibetan food from a nearby cafe. There is an entrance fee of Rs. 30 rupees per person for the waterfall.

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4. Tiger falls, Chakrata

Located at Chakrata near Dehradun, Tiger Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in India. Nestled between rustic deserts and untouched beauty, they offer secluded peaceful relaxation from the clutter of busy tourist spots. They can be reached after a 5 km long trek, which passes through breathtaking villages, paddy fields, hills, and snow-capped mountains in the background. Even long before the waterfalls are heard they make themselves visible. Enjoy a long relaxing dip in the submerged pool or soak up the sound of falling water.

5. Patna Waterfall, Rishikesh

Named after the village of Patna in Rishikesh and located in the middle of Rajaji National Park, this waterfall offers an escape into beautiful nature away from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets. The waterfall trails run through the Rajaji Forest and are preferred by adventure enthusiasts for their challenging gradient. Although this waterfall is not huge, especially in summer, its natural beauty is incomparable.

Surrounded by dense algae greenery, fresh cool air, and the chirping of birds, the sunken pool is a great place to spend time in the tranquility of the dense forest. Also, be sure to explore the nearby limestone caves. Legend has it that there is a hidden temple inside the cave, where there is an idol of Lord Vishnu. With all this, it is one of the best waterfalls near Delhi on your next trip.

6. Rahala Falls, Himachal Pradesh

Rahala or Rehala waterfall, mysterious from a height of 500 feet, is said to be the most stunning natural place to visit near Delhi. They are located on the way to Rohtang Pass, 16 kilometers from the city, and must stop on your way to visit this snow sanctuary. Waterfalls are formed by glaciers as they melt as they descend from the mountains.

This is one of the best places to enjoy photography or to sit back and admire the natural beauty. More adventurous can go mountain trekking behind the cascade. Waterfalls are nestled in dense bushes of cedar, birch, and pine trees, making it a best place for photography. The view of the place and the gentle rhythm of the waterfall give anyone who likes to see it instant peace and harmony.

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7. Chadwick Waterfall, Shimla

One of the most interesting places to visit in Shimla, Chadwick Falls is located in a rugged corner of the Glen Forest. Although the height of the waterfall is only 100 meters, the trek through the surrounding green forest magnificently fills in the gaps. If you want to see the waterfalls in full, it is better to go here in the rainy season. But, anyway, the scent of looming pine trees, wild, exotic flowers and windy climate is a definite way to improve your senses and energize yourself.

8. Bhimlat Mahadev Temple and Waterfall, Rajasthan

Nestled in the splendor of nature and natural beauty, Bhimlat Mahadev Temple is located between Bundi and the city of Chittagong. This waterfall was created in the 8th century due to the high pressure and pressure of the earthquake. This position is placed between the green area and the rocky structure which soothes the eyes well and eliminates the fatigue that the visitors carry during trekking.

The height of the waterfall, 150 feet, and the expanse in an area of ​​6 km is wonderful in itself. The overall trip is a two advent adventure set ranging from a combined drive to Chittagong, exploring the waterfalls and caves and pitching in the tent for a wonderful night. The last note, along with the option of cliff jumping during the dam inspection, has also been made quite ironic.

9. Sissu Falls, Manali

Originating from the suspended Himalayan Glacier, Sisu Falls is a spectacular attraction in the dramatic rocky scenery of this region. What has been added to the beauty of this fall is that one of the most stunning waterfalls near Delhi is largely undiscovered due to its location. Arriving after a short trek on the rocky trails, it is a perfect place to enjoy the tranquility of nature away from the tourist spot on a bright sunny day.

10. Birthi Falls, Munsiyari

This huge 413 feet long waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls around Delhi, is a stunning cascade of throwing water curtains on the rocks covered with dense green leaves. Trekkers and nature enthusiasts love to cross small rocky paths, lots of lively wildflowers, which lead to this beautiful place. Himalayan birds such as the Oriental Turtle and Plumbeous Water Redstart live in the forests around Birthi Falls.

Situated in the middle of a clear blue sky in the background, the snow-capped peaks of the Kumaon Mountains add to the natural beauty. The fountains are located at a distance of 1 14 km from Tejam near Munshiari in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. Check out this beautiful waterfall around Delhi during the next monsoon season from September to November.

11. Bundle Falls, Palampur

This largely undiscovered waterfall, one of the most famous waterfalls near Delhi, stands for its extraordinary beauty in the middle of an acre of tea garden in Palampur. Falling on a rocky trail, the waterfall creates a sinking pool, perfect for a cool sink or one can simply indulge in the serenity that is always accompanied by the sounds of waterlogging. The inaccessible trail leading to the fall presents itself with quite beautiful, dusty mountains and a view of the grasslands at the top.

12. Bhagsu Falls, Dharamshala

Surrounded by the captivating beauty of Dharamsala, Bhagsu Falls is a feast for anyone’s eyes. Purity and peace in this place calm one’s mind. This famous tourist center is perfect for picnicking with friends and family. Adjacent to this waterfall is the Bhagsunath Temple which adds a spiritual touch to this place. Bhagsu Falls originates from the Dhauladhar Valley which is also a religious site. The waves continue across the Bhagsunath temple and reach the summit where it falls freely with a jerking sound. 

The captivating beauty of this fall is enhanced by the rainy season when the waterfall, resting at a height of feet0 feet, pours plenty of water with the rain. Check out the gorgeous views while using the buds to your liking with mouth-watering meals in cafes and restaurants near Vagsu Falls. Water will tempt you to dive into it but its cold temperature will give you a second thought. This place is the best hotspot of Dharamsala for nature lovers. In addition to soothing your eyes with the beauty of this waterfall, you can also include yourself in other activities like trekking which will give you the best view of nature.

13. Badri Falls, Solan

This waterfall may be small, but it does not take away its ancient beauty. Also known as Badrinath Falls, and one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the vicinity of Delhi, they are popular with travelers who flock to see the lush green landscape of milky white water, snow-capped mountains, and foggy valleys in the background. Their location near the Badrinath temple and the belief that their water has medicinal properties provides a mysterious environment for the waterfall and its surroundings.

14. Bhatta Falls

Bhatta Falls is a newly developed picnic spot located near Mussoorie. Today it has become a great tourist attraction for anyone visiting the city. The beauty of this place is bound to enchant the visitors.

15. Palani Falls, Kullu

At a height of about 492 feet, Palani Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in India. It is an amazing experience to feel the cool fog scattering around you and to breathe in the fragrant crisp mountain air. Due to the proximity of the revered ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Nirmal Doba pool here is considered to be a water healing feature. Every year in March, thousands of people visit this spectacular waterfall near Delhi to take a dip.


The waterfalls near Delhi create some picturesque attractions near the city, which is definitely worth your time. These roaring cascades of water are such a unique wonder that they admire the raw beauty of nature around us. Some beautiful waterfalls are located within 100 kilometers of Delhi, which is perfect for a quick weekend getaway.

Some of the best waterfalls in the vicinity of Delhi that you can see on your next vacation are Badri Falls which is known for its final healing and healing properties, Bhimlat Falls which is known as an oasis in the desert, Patna Falls surrounded by rare limestone caves and huge Chadwick Falls. So enjoy your next vacation in the middle of this magical enclave of nature surrounded by a breeze, the sound of thunder, misty waterfalls.

Amazing Tourist Places to Visit Near Delhi

You can find lots of destinations while looking for an amazing weekend trip from Delhi. Whether it’s some outdoor adventures, summer mountaineering, safari, and camping weekends, or cultural excursions, there are many places to visit near Delhi. The great thing about these places is that they all travel a lot – be it with friends, family, alone or couples. The excellent road connectivity running through the North Indian countryside adds a bonus to a beautiful bucolic experience. Living in a metropolis like Delhi can affect you. 

For starters, you’re stuck in a mundane 9-to-5 rot and you’ll have to deal with congestion and traffic jams. To stay calm, one is often asked to exercise, listen to music, and even meditate. But, one of the best ways to balance your life and have fun at the same time is to escape from the city on a short vacation, even for a two-day trip to Delhi. In the vicinity of the Indian capital, some cozy and wonderful places are perfect for a weekend or mid-week visit. We have selected the ideal places to visit near Delhi.

1. Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

One of the famous places to visit near Delhi, Mussoorie is the paradise on earth that you can explore. The natural beauty attracts tourists from all over the country. Located at an altitude of 100,000 feet, Mussoorie will give you a breathtaking view of the snow-capped peaks as well as the stunning Dun Valley.

Within 300 kilometers, this weekend’s trip goes to the lap of the mountains with a stunning view of the royal Himalayan mountains. Landour, a nearby little hill station, is part of the broader Mussoorie, which also includes Mussoorie, Barlowganj, and Jharipani.

Mussoorie provides all you need for a fantastic trip, including a variety of waterfalls, the nearby village of Dhanaulti, and the ruins of colonial architecture.

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2. Nainital, Uttarakhand

It may well be known as a honeymoon destination, but you can always take a solo trip and explore the lake city differently. Nainital is a Himalayan resort town in India’s Uttarakhand state, located at a height of approximately 2,000 meters above sea level in the Kumaon area. In the former British colony of Nainital, the town is built around Nainital Lake, a renowned boating destination with the Naina Devi Hindu Temple on its northern bank.

Nainital is one of the top destinations for weekend getaways from Delhi. Lots of nature and beautiful scenery make this place great for relaxation. A huge number of tourists visit Hill Station throughout the year. This small town and nearby destinations such as Sattal and Naukuchiatal are hidden destinations hidden in plain sight. Beautiful and unforgettable scenery sets this place apart.

3. Devprayag, Uttarakhand

Devprayag is one of the five sacred confluences in the Himalayas, and it is a significant destination of pilgrimage for devout Hindus, who go here in large numbers. In Sanskrit, the word “Devprayag” means “Godly Confluence.” According to Hindu scriptures, Devprayag is the sacred occasion of the confluence of two visible heavenly rivers, Alakananda and Bhagirathi, which join together to form the holy Ganga.

The place is famous for it’s temples – Raghunathji and Chandrabadani which attract people. The Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers meet in this town. Be spiritually refreshed at Devprayag, where the confluence of the rivers gives a captivating view.

About 300 km away from Delhi, this weekend is a religious center, which is extremely popular among pilgrims and tourists.

4. Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

Popular as the birthplace of Lord Krishna, this religious city escapes on a great weekend. 141 kilometers away from Delhi, the destination easily makes its way to a great weekend within 200 kilometers from Delhi.

Mathura represents more than 3000 years of culture and civilization of India which promises absolute spiritual rejuvenation in your visit. Crowds of Mathura travelers every year. Apart from Hindus, people of different religions including Buddhists and Brahmins, and Jains visit the city.

There are hundreds of thousands of tales and myths associated with Mathura, which contributes to the city’s illustrious cultural legacy. So it’s no surprise that Hindus from all over Indian consider it to be one of the seven holiest towns on earth. Attracting travelers from all across India and the world, Mathura’s allure remains undiminished even in this modern day.

5. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

This small, hilly town in Uttarakhand is just a paradise. It is a perfect combination of nature and spirituality. Natural beauty and pleasant weather throughout the city. Several backpackers make this place a point to visit. The wide range of adventure activities on offer makes this small town the center of delightful adventure activities. Engage in adventurous activities like white water rafting, cliff jumping, and trekking. Visit the famous Ganga Arti, visit the Beatles Ashram, and dip your feet in the river Ganga.

Rishikesh has its share of unusual and adventurous activities too. If you are not enjoying the adrenaline rush of white water rafting offered up to grade 6, you may spend time experiencing incredible events & adventure activities in Rishikesh like cliff jumping, kayaking, body surfing, etc. There are magnificent waterfalls here like Patna fall and Neer Garhi fall, etc. that are great to escape into the raw wildness of nature.

If you are the spiritual sort, you can’t miss attending the jaw-dropping sight of the Maha Ganga Aarti.

6. Jaipur, Rajasthan

Jaipur is a natural winner when it comes to a weekend escape from Delhi. Within 100 km from Delhi, this heritage city is home to three famous forts – Amber, Jaigarh, and Nahargarh. Jaipur is a great option to go on weekends to spend some time with family. Walking around the incredible heritage sites is a cultural festival that is a special feature of Jaipur. Rajasthani food, especially thali and ‘dal, bati, churma,’ adds to your experience while in Jaipur.

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The city of Jaipur serves as the capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan. It pays homage to the royal family that previously governed the region and that, in 1727, established what is today known as the Old City, sometimes known as “Pink City” because of the hue of its distinctive buildings.

The ornate, colonnaded City Palace complex is in the heart of the city’s majestic street grid, which is a landmark in Indian architecture. Part of it is still used as a royal house, complete with gardens, courtyards, and museums.

7. Bharatpur, Rajasthan

Bharatpur is a city in the Indian state of Rajasthan, located in the eastern region of the country. The fortified city of Lohagarh, built in the 18th century and ringed by a moat, lies at its heart. The Government Museum, which is located within the fort and shows items from the local rajas, may be found there. Just a few miles south, the carved statues of Hindu gods adorn the walls of the Ganga Mandir and the sandstone Laxman Mandir temples, respectively.

Keoladeo is part of the Ghana National Park, this bird sanctuary is one of the perfect weekend trips from Delhi within a few hours and within 200 kilometers. The abundance of beautiful birds like pelicans and warblers among many is a part of the park. It is a place of natural beauty. You can spend some time here and then return to the nearest resort for some rest. Hawks, warblers, pelicans, and kingfishers are some of the rare bird species that you can see in the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary.

8. Peora, Uttarakhand

Peora is one of the small Kumauni villages that features traditional tile-roof village cottages spread out on the slopes of its curving valleys, surrounded by dense pine trees. There are a lot of fruits cultivated on the slopes in this location. There are apples, chestnuts, walnuts, plum, peaches, apples, apricots, and pears.

People in Peora, a tiny village where everyone knows each other, enjoy a slow-paced existence that is packed with vibrant activities in the mountains. Peora promises to spend a weekend with the company for nature. The village is located in Kumaon, which is known as ‘Fruit Bowl’.

The trees are mostly filled with apricots and plums. When you wake up in the morning, be prepared to be intimidated by the beauty of the Himalayas. You can take a morning walk through the woods while picking random plums and apricots from the surrounding gardens. There are several vehicles on the road. The best view of the sun setting in the background of the mountains. If you are looking for unpublished spots on holiday maps, Peora is one of the sights near Delhi.

9. Naukuchia Taal, Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is blessed with innumerable beautiful locations near Delhi. Naukuchiatal is a sleeping lake town, named after the nine corners of the lake here. There are rumors that if one can get a glimpse of these nine corners at once, one is given the gift of Nirvana.

This location is well-known for the hypnotic beauty of the terrain and the lushness of the surrounding countryside. Taking a walk in the woods, which provides beautiful views of the lake, is a favorite pastime for both locals and visitors. Naukuchaital is home to a diverse mix of fauna, birds, and a mesmerizing collection of butterflies. This is also a popular destination for adventure lovers since it offers several opportunities for sports like as angling, trekking, paragliding, kayaking, and river rafting.

The lake is 175 feet deep and a great place for boat trips. You deserve this visit so don’t hesitate. Take your family with you so you can all have time together in the lap of nature.

10. Pangot, Uttarakhand

Pangot is About 350 km from Delhi, this weekend getaway is an offbeat romantic spot, which is also popular for bird watching. Pangot is a village surrounded by thick forests, quiet, streams & walking trails. The hill station is close to Nainital but less crowded.

The green slug will invite you to take long walks and short treks. Some couples come to see the pangolin bird collection. About three hundred species can be found here. These include various almonds and Himalayan griffins. Memorable weekends are made with these. For weekend getaways with loved ones, this is one of the best places to visit near Delhi.

11. Bhimtal, Uttarakhand

Bhimtal is a lake city in Mahabharata that was named after Bhima, a charismatic legendary character from the epic. Bhimtal, located at an elevation of 1,370 metres above sea level, is a popular tourist destination because of its natural beauty. This lake city, which is located in the area of Nainital and has several majestic hotels that are comparably less expensive than those in Nainital, is rising in popularity with each passing day.

The peace and solitude you are looking for are waiting for you at Bhimtala, about 300 km from Delhi. I list Bhimtal as a place of interest for travelers who want to get away from it. Nature is in full bloom here. Stunning views and fresh air will soothe your soul and relax your tired body.

12. Achrol Niwas, Rajasthan

It is a short holiday destination on the way to Jaipur. Achrol is not very popular and so has been peaceful for so many years. Staying here is like staying in the jungle. Proximity to nature will revive your mind and help you relax and unwind. If you are ready for it, there are several adventure activities that you can enjoy.

The Achrol region is made up of sandy plains and rocky hills. Achrol Bagh, on the other hand, is an oasis of greenery in the middle of a desert. A walled-in area surrounds it. People who go to Achrol Bagh can enjoy the simple and peaceful way of life with the sounds of birds, beautiful flowers, and an organic garden.

Achrol Bagh has a concept of a village that is meant for tourists to enjoy and feel the nature vibes in. When you stay at Achrol Bagh, you’ll be able to remember your time there.

13. Kasauli, Uttarakhand

Kausali is a diverse hill station located between Chandigarh and Shimla. Kasauli, located on the route between Chandigarh and Shimla in the Solan district, is a mountainous chowk town that provides for an ideal calm holiday destination, particularly for weekend getaways.

Kasauli is mostly renowned for its accessibility from Chandigarh and Delhi (it is only 65 kilometres away from Chandigarh). It is not recognised for any specific attractions or activities, but rather for its gorgeous villas and calm setting. The green hills and cool weather perfectly play with the mood of the place.

Walking along rows of fir trees is a great way to tie the knot. If the weekend is not enough, you can always choose to come back here for a long time. Follow the Gilbert Trail and go out for a nature walk, visit Monkey Point – Hanuman Temple, Sunset Point, and Kasauli Brewery.

14. Lansdowne, Uttarakhand

Here’s a great option to get away from the city frenzy at a place called Lansdowne. Around 1706 above sea level, this small hill station captures the beauty of the Himalayas with its delicate oaks, pine forests, royal peaks white, and no doubt clear air. 6 hours drive from New Delhi and one will reach here.

Enjoy boating on Bhulla Lake, trek to Snow View Point and Airport, visit nature, visit Santoshi Maa Temple, St. John’s Church, War Museum, and Kalagarh Tiger Reserve.

15. Nahan, Himachal Pradesh

A place called Nahan, six hours away from New Delhi, is located in the Shivalik Range. When visiting Nahan, be sure to take in the extensive gardens and magnificent temples that are situated against a picturesque backdrop of tall mountains that will take your breath away. The various fairs and festivals held in this remote Himalayan enclave throughout the year convert this lovely town into a vibrant destination, providing another another incentive to plan a trip to Nahan on a regular basis.

The place serves as a great vacation for those who need a vacation from the monotony of office life and for those looking for a secluded romantic weekend. Within k00 kilometers from Delhi, Nahan is an incredible holiday destination where the mountains are surrounded by mountains and the lakes here provide a lot of entertainment and relaxation.

16. Ranikhet, Uttarakhand

Ranikhet is a great option for those who want to stay away from the chaotic crowds of Delhi city and enjoy some of the gifts that nature gives people. Transliterated as ‘Queen’s Farm’, this place was created by the English when they ruled the country.

The reason why this place is called ‘Queen’s Farm’ is because of the many gardens found here. Chaubatiya Gardens are famous for their delicious plums, apricots, apples, and peaches and it is a great distance from this place. About 0 km drive is guaranteed every second to visit another tourist spot in the vicinity of Delhi.

17. Almora, Uttarakhand

It is a scenic paradise that will appeal to you. This weekend, you can also choose to visit the nearby Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary which makes for an amazing day trip from Almora.

Almora is a tranquil village set amid Uttarakhand’s captivating valleys, providing a lovely respite from daily life. Almora is famous among vacationers because of its many beautiful resorts.

There are locations for climbing, trekking, and shopping, and many people come to see popular sights including Nanda Devi temple, Patal Devi temple, and Maa Dunaguri temple, which are 408 kilometres away from Delhi.

18. Binsar, Uttarakhand

Binsar’s surprisingly real weekend is within 500 kilometers from Delhi. From the scenic views of Trishul and Nanda Devi to the vast forest of wildlife sanctuaries, Binsar has a lot to offer for discreet weekend travelers. An offbeat spot from bird watchers, wildlife enthusiasts, and nature lovers that is a suitable tourist destination near Delhi.

Located at an altitude of 2400 m above sea level, it is one of the highest mountain centers in the Kumaon region. Nothing will calm the mind like this place.

19. Fagu, Himachal Pradesh

Fagu Shimla is a strange hill town in the Kufri region. Some assume that the term ‘fog’ was the inspiration for the name of the city. For over nine months out of the year, it is completely obscured by fog. The entire area is surrounded by beautiful green pine and cedar trees, creating a dreamlike landscape throughout. There are also a number of apple trees in this area, which are decked with bright red apples in the fall. Potato fields are also a typical sighting in the area.

Fagu is also home to a variety of species, including snow leopards, yaks, and ponies, all of which may be seen. The royal Himalayas can be seen from your house. The area is surrounded by stone walls and covered with greenery. Ski Fest makes February the best time of the year to visit Fagu. For visitors from Delhi who are adventurous amid stunning snow escapes, it is a place of revival.

20. Bikaner, Rajasthan

How about a sandy scene for a change if you’ve been to a lot of hill stations? Bikaner is 451 km and seven and a half hours away from Delhi.

The city is famous for its art and culture, hiking, wildlife safari trips, and adventures like the royal castle. Located in the northwestern part of Rajasthan, this place was founded by Rao Bikaji in 1488 and is bright with ancient palaces, temples, and mysterious landscapes.

21. Bir, Himachal Pradesh

Bir and Billing, located near Dharamshala and 500 kilometres from Delhi, are ideal weekend getaways for adventure seekers. Bir is one of the world’s highest paragliding destinations.

Bir’s paragliding site gives spectacular views of the huge expanse of the mountains if you’re prepared for the challenge. You will be transported to another world as you fly above tea gardens in the Dhauladhar Mountains. It is recommended that you take the fall from Billing to Bir if you are looking for a 40-minute tour. This trip will provide you with a bird’s eye perspective of Dharamshala.

22. Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

If you feel like going the wild way, you may want to consider Ranthambore National Park as an alternative. The city is known for its famous Ranthambore National Park. Tourists from all over the world come to explore this place.

Ranthambore is also home to some ancient ruins and thus adds a historical touch to visit here. The best time to come here on holiday is from October to March. The rainy season is best avoided.

23. Kufri, Himachal Pradesh

Kufri’s snow-covered terrain welcomes visitors. This Himachal Pradesh alpine station is indeed a piece of heaven on earth. In the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh, Kufri is a renowned tourist destination noted for its ski slopes, Kufri Zoo, and as the starting point for treks.

Kufri is approximately 20 kilometres from the major city of Shimla. Kufri, which was founded by the British in 1819, has risen to prominence as a tourist attraction during the last several years. The major tourist area of Kufri is located atop Mahasu mountain, which rises to a height of 2,720 meters above sea level, and visitors must either climb or ride a pony from the parking lot to get there.

Kufri means ‘lake,’ and many visitors come to enjoy winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding. There are numerous things to choose from, ranging from trekking and mountaineering to skiing and snowballing. The food is delectable, and the air is crisp and clean.

24. McLeod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh

Set in the Shivalik Mountains, Mcleodganj offers visitors an experience unlike any other. It has become one of the most popular summer vacation locations in India because of its vibrant monasteries, breathtaking scenery, small eateries, and exhilarating adventure activities. In Mcleodganj, there are a plethora of really entertaining activities to participate in.

Everything from treks to strolls, warming beverages to delectable fare, spiritual sites to boat cruises may be found on this list. If time is not a restraining factor, get part of your hill station pleasure in McLeodganj which is only 10 hours away from Delhi.

The place is famous for its British architecture which has significant Tibetan influences. Visit Triund Hill, Dalai Lama Temple Complex, Bhagsunag Falls, St. John’s Church, and Dal Lake.

25. Shoja, Himachal Pradesh

For a change, try visiting this offbeat location in Himachal Pradesh instead of just opting for a mainstream holiday destination. This tiny village, located in Seraj Valley, joins the Shimla and Kullu districts. Shoja village is still off the main route for most, which perhaps explains it’s yet unexplored vibe.

With sloping slopes clothed in verdure, conifers and deodars spanning for kilometers around, and a fantastic perspective of the snow-capped summits, this is a stunning site. It is easy to travel from Delhi this weekend by taking regular buses from ISBT to Bhuntar. All you have to do is bother to illuminate the conductor about your stop in bed. Some of the checkpoints to be verified will be 5 km from the pass and 6 km from Serolsar Lake.

26. Shivpuri, Uttarakhand

If you can manage a five-and-a-half-hour drive for Rishikesh, then Shivpuri is 14 km ahead. The natural beauty and pleasant surroundings will amaze you. This is your ticket for peace away from the city lights and monotonous din.

You may not be impressed even if the initial rocky installation Shivpuri greets you, but it will get better when you are near the river bank. That’s where green and blue meet. A rare sight nowadays with all the deforestation, the setting makes your camping dream come alive.

27. Auli, Uttarakhand

The place is known for its grassland, cedar, and oak trees. Hill Station is a skiing hub that comes alive in the winter. The winter cold is still in the air and the sun feels great against your skin. It only takes a few hours to reach the destination. Ideal for a short 2-day short trip, Auli, a location 4 km from New Delhi, is a great way to get rid of those nine to five monotony.

Auli offers a great trekking expedition, remarkable climate return, and rest and thus tops the list of sights near Delhi.

28. Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

Mandi is rooted in history and has its uniqueness. It will serve as a center of trade within the region. Although it may be considered as an unusual place for business, it is one of the least congested cities in Himachal Pradesh. The temples of the mandi depict ancient architectural styles. If you want to heal your soul, temples will give you peace.

The sound of the river serves as the background. Weekend solitude can be an antidote for you. Take a chance and enjoy the best of these tourist spots near Delhi within 500 kilometers.

29. Manesar, Haryana

At a distance of 55 kilometers from Delhi, this isolated city is lined with wonderful holiday resorts and hotels designed in traditional Rajasthani style. Manesar is the most accessible location on the map among the locations to visit near Delhi within 200 kilometers.

On a weekend, you may bring the whole family here and spend two wonderful days treating yourself. Spend some quality time with your family and make the most of your weekend in Manesar at a luxury resort.

30. Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh

Vridavan is a 200-kilometer drive from Delhi and makes for a great weekend escape. Lord Krishna’s transcendental dwelling is usually recognised as being in this city. The ancient and modern temples will provide you with a taste of the incredible culture that exists in India’s fascinating nooks.

Lord Krishna is said to stay eternally in Vrindavan and never leaves the residence, according to Hindu mythology, and pilgrims from all over the world visit Vrindavan throughout the year. Make sure to visit Madan-Mohan, Radha Vallabh, Banke-Bihari, and Shahji if you wish to go temple hopping.

31. Agra

Agra has to be the most popular weekend getaway from Delhi. The Yamuna Expressway takes less than three hours to reach Agra from Delhi, which is only 200 kilometres away. While it is best known for the Taj Mahal, it is also a wonderful weekend getaway from the city. This city will pique your interest if you are a history lover.

Agra is the most populous city in the state of Uttar Pradesh and the twenty-fourth most populated city in the country. Agra, together with Delhi and Jaipur, is part of the famed Golden Triangle tourist circuit, which is no surprise given the city’s lengthy and illustrious historical background.

It is also a component of the Uttar Pradesh Heritage Arc, which includes the cities of Varanasi and Lucknow, among others. With the vast scope of Mughal art and culture on show, history fans and architectural enthusiasts are sure to have a great day here.

31. Neemrana Fort Palace, Rajasthan

If you’re seeking for a staycation paradise within 150 kilometres of Delhi, Neemrana is the place to go. If you have the means, reserve a room in the Neemrana Fort Palace for a taste of luxury. Hills, vegetation, and a regal ambiance abound in Neemrana city, making it an excellent destination for a relaxing holiday.

Neemrana is an old town in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It features a few, but enthralling, attractions that satisfy the need for a different and healthy experience. It is one of the most popular sites in the area since it has been transformed into a deluxe historical hotel that not only looks lovely but also allows you to vacation like a king or queen and even participate in adventurous sports such as zip-lining.

33. Karnal, Haryana

Karnal, commonly known as the “Rice Bowl of India,” is one of the oldest districts in Haryana and is also one of the most populous. Since the time of the Mahabharata, the city has grown in prominence. Karnal is the administrative centre of the Karnal District, which is located in the Indian state of Haryana. During the Indian Rebellion of 1857 in Delhi, it was utilised as a sanctuary by the East India Company soldiers.

Give the city of Karnal a chance to impress you if you’re a backpacker going through North India. Historically, it is believed to have been founded by Raja Karna, the eldest son of Kunti, and as such is known as the City of Daanvir Karna (the City of Daanvir Karna).

34. Deeg Palace, Rajasthan

Deeg is an old Bharatpur town that is mentioned in the Mahabharata epic. Deeg’s floating palace is one of the few remaining structures from the town’s illustrious past. Deeg is a tiny town in the Indian state of Rajasthan that is located in close proximity to the city of Bharatpur.

Deeg Place, a summer retreat for the kings of Bharatpur state, was built by Maharaja Suraj Mahal in 1772 as a summer residence for the monarchs of the kingdom. Deeg, known for its majestic palaces and traditional Indian bazaars, is located 32 kilometres from the world-renowned Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, which is a must-see attraction.

35. Solan, Himachal Pradesh

Solan is a hidden gem in the finest sense of the word, located roughly 300 kilometers from Delhi. Solan, located in the state of Himachal Pradesh on the foothills of the Lower Shivalik Ranges, is a picturesque tiny hill town noted for its exquisite natural beauty and quiet moods. In addition to its scenic splendour, Solan’s unique blend of culture, history, art, and religion makes it a perfect choice for every type of traveller; whether on a family vacation, an adventure trip, a cultural exploration, or a romantic getaway, Solan will always leave you fascinated with its wide range of offerings and attractions.

Solan is a town that can surprise even the most seasoned travellers, with new-age distilleries producing high-quality scotch and its status as India’s mushroom capital.

36. Dharamshala, Uttarakhand

Dharamshala is a charming Tibetan settlement that provides a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. The climatic contrast from Delhi, as well as the natural splendour, are also compelling reasons to visit.

The Bhagsu Nag Waterfalls and McLeodganj greet you to this location, and you can seek blessings at the Namgyal Monastery. Tibetan cuisine is very popular in Dharamsala. This location is located in the Kangra Valley’s higher reaches and is famed for its deodar trees.

37. Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh

Khajjiar, also known as the’mini-Switzerland of India,’ is a small town near Dalhousie. You will be enchanted by the breathtaking scenery. The entire region appears to be straight out of a fairy tale. It’s the ideal mix of lakes, forests, and meadows.

Paragliding, trekking, and zorbing are all options for thrill seekers. If you enjoy golf, you can continue to do so. Within 500 kilometres of Delhi, the unimaginably broad expanse of green meadows makes it a breathtaking weekend retreat.

38. Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh

Narkanda, in Himachal Pradesh, is a must-see for couples looking for a romantic weekend getaway from Delhi. Forests and woodlands surround the entire area. In the winter, this charming town is famed for its skiing, making it ideal for couples who appreciate the excitement of the sport.

You and your partner can also go hiking or enjoy a boat excursion. During beautiful afternoons, the area’s apple orchards make for magical strolling pathways.

39. Kausani, Uttarakhand

A stunning vista of a calm country named Kausani found in the Kumaon hills. It’s only 130 kilometres from Kathgodam station, so it’ll be a little frantic, but it’ll be well worth the effort. The food and people are just as good here, with an unobstructed view of the surrounding countryside. This weekend escape takes you straight to the lap of the hills, just 500 kilometres from Delhi, to enjoy the time of your life.

Even the healthiest of people can be affected by the noise, crowds, and work atmosphere in Delhi. Consider spending a few days alone at one of the following tourist destinations near Delhi.

40. Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh

Located in Himachal Pradesh’s Dalhousie district, the town is known for its panoramic vistas of the snow-capped peaks of the Dhauladhar mountains. Dalhousie is well-known for its meadows, deep woods, and waterfalls, among other things. It is particularly well-known among newlyweds and families on family vacations. Dalhousie will whisk you away to a another planet.

The spread of cedar and pine at Kalatop paints a distinct picture. On this tourist destination within 200 kilometres of Delhi, the charm of the forest combined with the vast expanse of grasslands will make you feel separated from the rest of the world. You can remain at Kalatop instead of seeing the more popular parts of the neighbourhood.

41. Pushkar, Rajasthan

For Hindus all across the world, the historic village of Pushkar is a sacred pilgrimage place. This little city has recently become a hub for budget-conscious foreign and national travellers.

Pushkar should be on every budget traveller’s bucket list because of its reasonable eateries and lodging. Pushkar is one of the most ancient cities in India. Located in Rajasthan’s Ajmer district in heart of Aravali range, Pushkar is frequently nicknamed tirtha-raj, which literally means the king of pilgrim destinations. It is also among the five pilgrim places or dhams for persons following Hinduism. There are various temples in Pushkar and the most notable temple is the Brahma temple, which is one of the few temples devoted to Brahma in the world. Pushkar is also notable for the Pushkar Lake, which features 52 ghats.

42. Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Manali, a Himalayan city, is a renowned tourist destination. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, head to Old Manali; if you’re on a backpacking trip, stop by Vashisht Village; and if you’re want to raise your travel game, start your journey to Spiti via Rohtang Pass.

Manali is surrounded by numerous trekking opportunities, making it an excellent base for exploring this region of the Himalayas. In the nearby town of Kullu, the River Beas offers excellent rafting opportunities. The Parvati Valley, which borders the Parvati River and contains the towns of Kasol, Manikaran, Tosh, and other small villages, is a popular destination for tourists who want to stay for a longer period of time. Travelers can now reach Sissu in a matter of hours thanks to the Atal Tunnel, making Spiti significantly more accessible.

43. Alwar, Rajasthan

Alwar is one of those tourist spots near Delhi that is known for its rich cultural past. Bhangarh is a hamlet in the Indian state of Rajasthan, located in the Rajgarh Alwar district. Rajgarh is a municipality in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, and it is located inside the Rajgarh municipality. The town of Bhangarh is located on the outskirts of the Sariska Tiger Reserve.

44. Bhangarh, Rajasthan

Bhangarh is also a prehistoric site as well as a popular tourist destination. Alwar city, Sariska, Bhangarh, and Siliserh make up the Alwar district. The district offers a wonderful blend of nature, adventure, and luxury, making it one of the best destinations to visit near Delhi in the winter. Within 155 kilometres of Delhi lies this tourist spot.

45. Dausa, Rajasthan

Dausa is an eccentric tourist destination near Delhi, famed for its step-wells, forts, and other attractions. The town is quietly carving out a position for itself as a small-scale copy of the state, and it may turn out to be a lucrative offering of Rajasthan tourism in the years to come. Village Bhandarej, which is also in the area, has a superb lodging choice in the form of Hotel Bhadrawati Palace.

Dausa, also known as Devanagari, is a city in the state of Rajasthan that is located in the Dausa district. In addition to serving as the administrative headquarters of the Dausa district, it is located roughly 55 kilometres distant from the major city of Jaipur. Dausa is such a renowned tourist attraction that most travellers to Rajasthan include it in their travel itinerary when they come to the state.

46. Kanatal, Uttarakhand

Mussoorie’s peaceful neighbourhood of Kanatal is located on the Chamba-Mussoorie highway. Kanatal, despite its relative obscurity, is a beautiful place to visit thanks to its exquisite beauty, lush foliage, and abundance of adventure activities. Travel to Kanatal, a little town far from the bustle of the city, for a peaceful vacation punctuated by occasional bursts of excitement and enjoyment.


The vibrant socio-political and cultural capital of Delhi is bound to have numerous tourist attractions. But one will not only find some amazing tourist spots in Delhi but also plenty of places in the vicinity. It is these places that give the city dwellers a break from their frequent trips around Delhi. Awesome views, relaxation, and rejuvenation, a variety of exciting activities ranging from sights, these places give you a lot to pull here and keep you occupied.

The way to go on weekends within 200 kilometers from Delhi is some incredible escape from some distance from Delhi. Any city can be suffocating and stressful for the body and mind. It’s okay to make time for yourself for a mini-vacation to recharge your batteries. Delhi, despite having its part of the monuments and heritages, boasts of being the main link of several holiday destinations. Within 200 kilometers from Delhi, the sights around Delhi offer the exact break you need.

Best Cafes in Delhi to Spend Some Quality Time

Whether it’s your love of coffee, your search for some solitude, your desire to spend some quality time with your loved ones, your need to have some fun with your friends, or just a place to offer an interesting meal, Delhi has it all. Looking for a romantic cafe in Delhi to take your special someone out? Maybe a nice rooftop cafe in Delhi for peace with your relatives? Well, whatever you are looking for, you can find it in this list. While we’re not a fan of going out to eat every day (all Stanza Living residences in Delhi have evidence of our home-cooked food), we also understand that it’s important to be unwelcome. 

Especially when you are spending too much time at your study table. And since we’re feeding some young people like you at Stanza Living, we know what you like. Or don’t. And we know for sure that you will like the places we have selected in our list of the best cafes in Delhi. Read about them. Make a note of them, and commit their memory. So the next time you want to eat a piece of earthen pie at your PG or hostel, finding a cafe will be a piece of cake. 

1. Cha Bar, Connaught Place

The tea bar at Library Cam Cafe, CP is one of the best cafes in Delhi for bookworms where you can grab a book, choose a comfortable place and eat the food of your choice. The impressive interiors complement the soothing aura with a simple white and blue decor and serene atmosphere making it one of the best beautiful cafes in Delhi that is a must-read. Here you can find all kinds of books from history to fantasy to biography. Speaking of their menu, they have about 60 different types of tea, ice cream, and ban kebabs, fish n chips, chicken shawarma wrapping, smoked barbecue sausage, and muffins among other dishes that make the tea bar the best – Rounder Book Cafe in Delhi. 

2. Hard Rock Cafe

As the name implies, (and every Delhi resident already knows) Hard Rock Cafe is where someone loses their head when there is some fog, soul-satisfying music, unlimited wine, and delicious burgers! Their playlist is always wonderful and if you’re lucky, you can catch some famous bands there like local trains in the evenings. The reason for the music, drinks, and food options is that the place is constantly getting higher and higher in the list of the best cafes in Delhi.

3. Hauz Khas Village Cafe

If you are looking for a beautiful cafe in Delhi just to talk about coffee then this is the right place for you. Ignoring the green vegetables of Hauz Khas village, Imperfecto is one of the best offbeat cafes in South Delhi that attracts pedestrians with its unique look and impeccable sense of character and style. This is the perfect dining spot for bird lovers and your group of friends. Wooden furnishings, exotic food, comfortable and serene installations, and a veranda on HKV’s castle and green surface, Imperfecto is Delhi’s best rooftop cafe for those looking for more than just good food.

4. Nukkad Cafe

Located in the extreme “nook” (corner) of the SDA market, this place will always delight you with its quaint, rustic themes, twinkling fairy lights, dim lights, and of course food. You are guaranteed to fall in love with everything on your plate and in your mouth. From pizza, minced pav, fries, pasta, chili chicken, fried sandwiches, chipotle chicken tikka to their steaming basil tea, the weird menu of this rooftop cafe in Delhi will make you come back even more. 

5. Rose Cafe

One of the best cafes in Delhi for couples, Rose Cafe overwhelms people with its beautiful surroundings. With beautiful shades of pastel pink and bright blue, the ceilings are decorated with pretty lamps, with the right lighting to set the mood, Rose Cafe Delhi is arguably the best cafe in Delhi for couples. So, the next time you think you are taking your daughter on a date that she will never forget, this is where you should go! Be sure to use their heavenly espresso cake.

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6. Diggin Cafe

A fabulous place with well-appointed French windows, green gardens, fancy colorful birdcages, and beautiful vibrancy, Digin is one of the most romantic cafes in Delhi that has taken the Insta-worthy tag to a whole new level. The cafe replicates those rustic European cafes with a perfectly natural environment and great scenery. 

7. Di Ghent Cafe

A great breakfast or a good weekend brunch? Don’t worry. They got it all! Not too spacious, but the popular De Ghent Cafe will make every moment you spend here worthwhile. Serving some of the best coffee in Delhi, De Ghent is known for its warm, serene atmosphere, great location, and sophisticated atmosphere, which will ensure your romantic date a huge success due to which it is one of the top cafes in Delhi. ! From a classic range of soups, salads, and waffles, De Ghent ensures that it serves the most authentic flavors on your plate and with an admirable taste it makes it one of the best cafes in Delhi.

8. Cherie Cafe

One of the best cafes in South Delhi, this delightful place is the famous cafe in Delhi for couples who do not mind eating expensive food on special dates. Carefully designed by acclaimed architect Lucy Salon, Cherry has a wonderful interior that will melt your bay’s heart in an instant. Soft lighting, ethnic food, exotic drinks, and live musical performances are perfect for celebrating a romantic evening with your partner.

9. Soho Bistro & Cafe

One of the best cafes in South Delhi, Soho Bistro and Cafe is rapidly climbing the ladder of gastronomical competition in the city. This deep beautiful, dim light, tastefully curated with a modern atmosphere can draw an impressive crowd in Saket’s Glam Alley. In addition to appearances, their delicious menu sent to heaven also speaks to the public. Soho’s delicious international cuisine is the next big thing in Delhi which is quickly spreading its silent sound appeal to the food-loving population of Delhi. What else do you need from the best cafe in Delhi?

10. Cafe Lota

Set in a craft museum, a diverse cafe offers excellent modern, regional and Indian food that is going to satisfy all your hunger pangs, and believe it or not, it is one of the top cafes in Delhi. This Artis Cafe also makes a perfect date night place where you can marvel at the intricate interior or wander around the enchanting village-themed museum.

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11. Triveni Terrace Cafe

Minimalist Terrace Cafe serves as a casual hangout spot for a date or one of the most spectacular cafes in Delhi due to the hearty Indian snacks with friends and a fresh cup of coffee. This hidden gem has a simple charm and greenery all around you that adds to your dining experience.

12. All American Diner

The cafe has a jukebox that plays floral tunes and is decorated with red leather-covered seats, and the menu includes a variety of shakes, burgers, waffles, and fluffy pancakes. You can enjoy an early breakfast rush at the cafe as it opens around 7:00 am.

13. Café Wink

You will find some of the best food in the city at one of the cheapest cafes in Delhi and this is their specialty. The cafe has rustic decor and features a well-appointed and well-appointed interior. This is a great place to hang out with friends and enjoy the fun.

14. Pearl Boutique Bakery Cafe

If you want to enhance your day with some delicious desserts then this cozy and great cafe is the perfect place. One of these famous cafes in Delhi serves the best variety of cakes and pastries with a delicious shake. You can enjoy great food at the place and have a great time at the cafe.

15. Xero Degrees

Located in Connaught Place, one of the smallest and cheapest cafes in Delhi, it is a great place to hang out with friends. The cafe serves delicious food that you can enjoy during your travels. 

16. The Blue Parrot Café

One of these elegant and famous cafes in Delhi is built inside a hotel and it is a coffee shop. The shop is furnished with wooden furniture including Italian, North Indian, and other rich-flavored dishes. This cafe is a great place to enjoy a fun time with friends.

17. Potbelly Rooftop Cafe

Born out of the love of all Delhiites to try the novel experience (especially in terms of food), Patbeli Rooftop Cafe is the most notable rooftop cafe and one of the best cafes in Delhi for friends. Unique Bihari cuisine with scenery, decor, atmosphere, comfort, and a twist! Dedicated to making your winter evenings much more comfortable and fun, you shouldn’t miss Potbelly if your stomach wants some delicious litty chowder!

18. Amalfi, GK II

If your soul desires some good, soothing music then go to Amalfi for some sweet melody in your ear. Though a little on the expensive side, Amalfi will pay every penny spent with its wonderfully crafted decor, quiet environment, comfortable roof seats, friendly staff, and finger-licking food. 

19. Delhi Heights Cafe

Their powder comes in three flavors with plenty of whole wheat or plain flour – banana and seasonal fruit chantilly toffee cream, cherries, and berries, chocolate chips, cheese, and sweet potatoes, each bite of which is a delightfully sweet delight. . When you are in Delhi Heights, don’t forget to taste one of the best coffee in Delhi.

20. Big Yellow Door

You will know when you see it! The imperfect, crooked yellow door that brings you to this cafe smells of aromatic herbs and coffee makes it one of the funniest places in Delhi! A hotspot for all college-going kids in Delhi, it has become a popular hangout among all Hudson Lane cafes and is one of the pocket-friendly cafes in Delhi that has become a statement landmark in the Satya Niketan area. The best part – it serves the most delicious food at the lowest prices between warm interiors and great music (not like those shady restaurants).

21. Raasta Cafe

Want to show off your singing talent? The raasta is one of the best cafes in Delhi’s House Khas for a karaoke night. Their solid DJs and acoustic gigs simultaneously attract party-goers to Delhi every day which makes it one of the top social cafes in House Khas. Another thing that attracts people here is the amazing choice of Caribbean food different from elsewhere in the NCR. With some normal music rental in the back, also listed in the list of best cafes in Delhi for street couples and friends.

22. Farzi Cafe

Only the name Farzi (fake), the cafe itself is 100% authentic, and wonderful and no doubt one of the most spectacular cafes in Delhi! This relaxed cafe mixes well-known flavors to experiment with and puts it in a completely unexpected shell on your plate every time. Tempura fried shrimps with their amazing Pearl-G cheesecakes and foam are perfect examples! Their ‘detox’ chasalai, sweet cocktails, favorite desserts, and fusion dishes make it one of the best cafes in central Delhi.

23. The Hudson Cafe, GTB Nagar

The most popular of the affordable cafes in Delhi, The Hudson Cafe is a big hit among college students, school kids, and everyone else because of its great Orio Shakes and Red Velvet Cakes. Attractive decor with ornate mirrors on the roof and captivating wall art, the beautifully crafted interiors of Hudson Caf are quite attractive which attracts people here. Don’t go without using their lasagna and so delicious red velvet cake. This is truly a must-visit place in Delhi with your traveling friends.

24. Hauz Khas Social

They have earned their place as one of the best cafes in the house khas because of their world-class work, super consistent quality, tempting cocktails, great music, and the most wonderful atmosphere that will make you want to stay here forever. If you haven’t been there before, you’ve got a glimpse of this glamorous and elegant place of the Bollywood swarm “joke”. In addition to being one of the rocking cafes in South Delhi, Social is a dynamic workplace that attracts office-goers and freelancers to work and is in search of a peaceful environment.

25. Rico’s Cafe

The best books, and the best coffee – a wonderful combination, don’t you think? The most expensive item on their menu is only 200 / -, which makes this place a great option for young and college kids. Be sure to try the great chili cheese fingers offered here among the most affordable cafes in Delhi.

26. Ivy & Bean Cafe

The Book of the Week, is a hit among Delhi’s young, literary-loving population, as well as their mouth-watering snacks, making it one of the best cafes in Delhi. Not just readers, Ivy & Bean is also one of the best book cafes in Delhi for working professionals and freelancers who can use this secluded place for work, courtesy of high-end WiFi.

27. Cafeteria & Co

If a list of the best cafes in Delhi had been prepared, Cafeteria & Co would have been at the top. Don’t go looking at them. This cafe will be as attractive for your eyes and taste buds as it will be for your wallet. Cafeteria & Co. is known as one of the best cheap cafes in Delhi with their warm vibrancy, inviting atmosphere, great food, star-shaped burgers, Hexa pizza, tiramisu shakes, Beyonce burgers, peri-peri chicken 7. Well, you got the point! This is the best place for the hungry and the hungry.


Travelers come from far and wide pass-through food alleys, roadside stalls, loud dhabas, upmarket restaurants, and strange cafes on this rich metro. Along with the city, its food has evolved over the centuries – courtesy of the people who brought it here, embracing the new, preserving the old, and blending in with the cuisine from different parts of the country. We get detailed information about the best cafes in Delhi. Hope you enjoyed reading this article.

17 Best Tourist places in Delhi

India Gate, Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Hauz Khas, Baha’i Temple, Chandni Chowk, Jame Mosque, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Paranthe Wal Gali, Sarojini Nagar Market, Jantar Mantar, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Connaught Place, Dream Kingdom, Raj Ghat And much more.

A striking cornocopia of history, culture, cuisine, street life and business, Delhi keeps it’s visitors perfectly busy. You may be overwhelmed by the chaos at first but as the city slowly spreads its layers you will see that there are many fun places to see in Delhi that will take your breath away.

Located on the border of not just one, but three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you are sure to come across Delhi’s historical attractions that will blow your mind at their majesty. In addition to these, there are plenty of street food stores and stalls in the old alley that will pump your taste buds with some lip-smacking dishes. Don’t forget the most happening party centers in the Delhi, locals as well as travelers come here to see the best time of their lives.

1. India Gate

The All India War Memorial, popularly known as India Gate, is located along the Rajpath in New Delhi. It is often compared to the Arc de Triomphe in France, the Gateway of India in Mumbai and the Arch of Constantine in Rome. This 42-metre tall historical structure was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and is one of the largest war memorials in the country. India Gate is also famous for hosting the Republic Day Parade every year.

If you want to know more about the First World War, then you must visit India Gate. The memorial, dedicated to the 82,000 Indian and British soldiers who died during the First World War and the Third Anglo-Afghan War, bears the names of 13,300 soldiers. The foundation stone of this structure was laid in the year 1921, and the last building was unveiled in the year 1931 by the Indian Viceroy Lord Irwin.

There is also the Amar Jawan Jyoti in the premises of India Gate, a structure just below the arch. Built after the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971, the Amar Jawan Jyoti is a symbol of India’s eternal, immortal soldiers. Owing to its rich historical background and stunning architecture, India Gate has become one of the most popular picnic spots in Delhi.

2. Red Fort

Built by the Mughals in 1638, the Red Fort gets it,s name from it’s huge red sandstone walls. Set in Old Delhi, the octagonal fort is spread over 254 acres. The planning and design of the fort is a mixture of Mughal, Persian, Hindu and Timurid traditions.

Strong influence on the structures built around Delhi, the Red Fort has a museum that houses Mughal-era specimens, including daggers, curtains, miniatures and carpets. Highlights of this architectural creativity include the Peacock Throne, Stepping Well, the Imperial Bath, the Moti Mosque and the Diamond Palace.

3. Jama Masjid

Located in the heart of Old Delhi, the Jame Mosque is the largest and most well-known mosque in India. It was built during the reign of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan between 1650 and 1656 and took more than 5000 workers to complete this costly structure. Built of red sandstone and marble, the revered mosque has three gates, four towers, two 40-meter-high minarets and a courtyard that can hold 25,000 devotees. Please note that you are not allowed to enter the mosque during prayers.

4. Rashtrapati Bhavan

While in New Delhi, don’t miss exploring the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the official residence of the President of India. Located at the western end of the highway, the sprawling 330-acre estate houses the main building, the Presidential Palace Museum Complex and the world-famous Mughal Gardens. A creation of Sir Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker, this huge presidential palace is the largest home of any head of state in the world and it is truly an architectural wonderland.

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5. Lotus Temple

Known for its unique architectural design. Inspired by the lotus flower, the temple is decorated with 2 free-standing marble-clad petals and is surrounded by extensive gardens and ponds. With an altitude of more than 34 meters, it can accommodate about 2500 people at once. The temple welcomes every religion that symbolizes the culture of outdoor worship houses and offers a peaceful environment for revival.

6. Qutub Minar

The Qutub Minar is a 73 meter tall minaret, named after Qutbuddin Aibak. The tower has 5 separate tapering stores, of which the first three floors of the masterpiece are decorated with red sandstone, the fourth and fifth floors are made of marble and sandstone, respectively, engraved in ornate Quranic texts. Interestingly, the tower has a spiral staircase with 3,379 steps, and at the foot of the tower is a mosque called ‘Kuwat-ul-Islam Mosque’, which is the first mosque in India.

7. Akshardham Temple

The Akshardham temple dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan showcases the ancient culture of India. The temple complex has a step-by-step courtyard and acres of magnificent lawns featuring bronze statues of Indian heroes, patriots and warriors.

Registered in the Guinness World Records as the largest extensive Hindu temple in the world, the temple is an architectural marvel built of intricately carved sandstone and marble. In addition, the temple hosts exhibitions on Swaminarayan’s life education and also hosts a musical fountain and light show every day after sunset.

8. Hauz Khas

Hauz Khas Village is one of the famous place in Delhi to meet all the needs for a fun date. Start your special day by choosing a cafe where both of you will have a delicious brunch and have a great conversation. You can occasionally see deer, rabbits, peacocks, and guinea pigs as you wander between well-groomed lawns and beautiful flower beds.

The place has several small rooftop cafes like Amur that offer you delicious food as well as beautiful views of the lake from above. The House Khas fort is filled with remnants of Islamic architecture, and a lake in sparkling water that gives you a sense of serenity. As the sun sets, the view of the castle at sunset is beyond sound. After sunset, the place becomes more lively for couples with a full number of pubs and restaurants. 

9. Kingdom of Dreams

Located near Lizar Valley Park in Gurugram, Kingdom of Dreams is an ultimate entertainment destination. It is designed with the intention of showcasing rich Indian culture through a royal structure. In addition to its magnificent architecture, the place has a newtanki mahal, an auditorium that displays fictional cinematic musical instruments and hosts various live entertainment events, including Indian and international theaters. Additionally, this place has a culture swallow, where you can witness a boulevard dedicated to unique Indian culture, arts and crafts and authentic cuisine.

10. Snow World

Located inside the DLF Mall in Noida, India, Snow World is Asia’s largest indoor snow park featuring ice skating and sledding. It is a themed real snow-filled vineyard with an area of, 6,000 square meters. The park maintains minus 10 degrees in rusty weather, offering mesmerizing interiors and uncompetitive opportunities for activities. In addition, this family recreation spot has ski-slides, IC luge and multi-coaster.

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11. KidZania

An interactive learning center for kids, Kidzania is a must see if you want to educate your child in Player Millions. Designed as an indoor theme park, the place has child-sized models of a real city with paved roads, functional economy, shopping complex and medical center.

It helps kids explore the real world and develop their creativity and decision-making skills. The rich-learning environment in Kidzania organizes activities that play a role in entertaining children and keeping them informed about different professions.

12. Connaught Place

Set in the heart of the national capital and known as CP, Connaught Place is considered to be the most expensive commercial market in the India. It is popular for luxury hotels of national and international brands and housing showrooms of fly markets. Among the tourists visiting Connect Place, there is an image of Antionoktial Sandial, Jantar Mantar and Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. Notably, the commercial area got its name from the 1st Duke of Prince Arthur, Connaught and Strathorn.

13. Dilli Haat

An outdoor marketplace located near INA Market, Dilli Hat is spread over an acre with 622 stalls presenting handicrafts and ethnic cuisine from differen parts of India. It offers a traditional rural setting where visitors can admire the rich Indian culture and shop for items suitable for their modern day needs. In addition, Dilli Hat hosts a number of cultural events, including dance and music performances, with the aim of preserving India’s heritage.

14. Humayun’s Tomb

Built in 1565 AD, Humayun’s tomb was erected in memory of Humayun by his widow Begum Begum and is the first example of Mughal architecture in India. Built nine years after his death, the tomb is inspired by Persian architecture whose corridors are reflected by arched alcoves and double domes. The tomb is also known as Chaharbagh because of the park’s courtyards, including the passageways drain, and contains the tombs of the Mughal rulers inside the walled enclosure.

15. Appu Ghar

A rain forest-themed water park. Appu Ghar Water Park is bringing back the old charm with the help of the newly launched Oyster Water Park. Spread over 10 acres, it offers 16 innovative rides such as Sky Fall, Vortex Wind and Rapid Racers, including India’s longest 93-foot slide and the first free fall ride. Additionally, the park maintains dining facilities for 3,500 guests and has an amazing food court with refreshing mocktails and enchanting dining options.

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16. Cyber Hub

If there is one place in NCR where all the fun seekers swear, it is Cyber ​​Hub Gurgaon. It is an integrated food and entertainment destination with multiple offices, mainly occupying the upper floors of the building within the complex. Along the entrance through these buildings there is an array of dining options including restaurants, bars and pubs, cafes, bakeries, confectionery spaces. Places like Smash and The People & Co. take the entertainment format even higher. There are amphitheaters as well as a few retail outlets for events and promotional activities.

17. National Rail Museum

The first of its kind in India, the National Railway Museum in Delhi has the largest collection of lifetime railway exhibits, including locomotives, coaches and simulators collected from various states in the country. The interior galleries of this 11 acre museum store documents, drawings, books, maps and other items that take you on a journey of more than 160 years of Indian Railways.

Best Romantic Places in Delhi for Couples

When it comes to heart issues, Delhi can rightly be called a haven for lovers, thanks to it’s countless romantic places and hangout hubs. For every couple affected by love, the vibrating metropolis provides the right environment to fan more of the fire. Don’t bother visiting the old quila and spending time at the India Gate with your loved ones; The capital city of India has a lot to offer to continue your love story.

Whether you want to spend some time with your partner at a great and grassy picnic spot, or you want to go shopping with them, maybe have a good dining experience, or enjoy an amazing event with them, it is all possible in Delhi, and easily enjoyed in one day Can be done. There is no shortage of tourist spots in Delhi for couples. You can go to House Khas for a combination of different experiences.

Whether it’s the joy of nightlife or the beauty of the historic complex, you’ll find it here, and happily enjoy it with your loved ones. And if you want to experience like no other, you can head to the famous Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon for live entertainment. And to end the day with a perfect dinner, visit The Sevilla on Aurangzeb Road and enjoy their most delicious delicacies.

1. Ridge Road, North Campus

A walk or drive on a left street is unquestionably romantic however where might you find that in Delhi you inquire? All things considered, simply make a beeline for North Campus and discover probably the most romantic places in Delhi for couples. The Ridge Road incredibly serene and an excellent spot for darlings. There are additionally a few landmarks like the Mutiny Memorial and the Baoli close Pir Ghraib, which you can be investigated.

2. India Gate Complex

I know, the picture in your mind about India Gate may be really terrible yet take a stab at imagining it without the frightful group; astounding would it say it isn’t? That is likely the best thing about India Gate, it is open 24X7 and is the most secure place in the nation consistently and furthermore a standout amongst the most sentimental places in Delhi.

Have a go at going there late during the evening, and I mean extremely late when the territory transforms into a standout amongst the best romantic places in Delhi for couples. You can share a chuski or a dessert with your accomplice and have a remarkable affair.

3. Nehru Planetarium

While alternate couples just discussion about stars and moon, you both can really invest energy taking a gander at them up and close. Nehru Planetarium never stops to stun with the enchantment of science, and in this manner, it is in our rundown of best places to go out on the town in Delhi.

4. Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon

A Bollywood-themed relaxation place, Kingdom of Dreams is a beautiful party. This is the place you get the chance to encounter motivating workmanship, social exhibitions, lip-smacking nourishment and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! The setup is fabulous and the scrupulousness takes the heart away.

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5. Humayun’s Tomb

An encapsulation of exactness of Mughal engineering, Humayun’s Tomb is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and now likewise one of the best couples huts in Delhi. The site goes back to the sixteenth century and is all around kept up. Early morning is a perfect time to visit this place with your date as it’s all the more tranquil and less swarmed amid this time.

6. Ice Lounge, Saket

Recorded among the best hang out spots in Delhi for couples, Ice Lounge is really a cool place to beat the warmth with your date. The parlor has below zero temperature and nearly everything here, even the models, are made of ice. You’re given a substantial coat to keep yourself warm.

7. Thai High, Mehrauli

Romantic housetop eatery, in a disengaged area, Thai High serves the best of Thai Cuisine with credible taste. Escape to this place with your adoration, and make the most of your time devouring while the city lights and pixie lights make the vibe charming.

8. Sevilla, The Claridges

The Sevilla is an amazingly sentimental place for couples in Delhi. This chic and outdoors eatery has some Spanish components in its stylistic layout and topic. The menu highlights gastronomical enjoyments from Moroccan and Southern European food. The sentimental settings are ideal for a date for lovelorn couples.

9. The Garden Restaurant, Lodi

The Garden Restaurant in Lodi – a dazzling eating region in the midst of a manicured garden, unquestionably the best place to go out on the town in Delhi. Come here to appreciate the amazingly wonderful settings and a flavorsome gourmet charge which is readied utilizing nearby natural deliver.

10. Connaught Place

The staggering white pilgrim structures of Connaught Place despite the fact that is a bustling district, however it can likewise be a standout amongst the best hang out spots in Delhi for couples. Shopping, eating out, sitting on the Central Park, and obviously strolling through the roads are some astounding activities here with your date.

11. Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas Village is one of the famous romantic places for couples in Delhi to meet all the needs for a fun date. Start your special day by choosing a cafe where both of you will have a delicious brunch and have a great conversation. You can occasionally see deer, rabbits, peacocks, and guinea pigs as you wander between well-groomed lawns and beautiful flower beds.

The place has several small rooftop cafes like Amur that offer you delicious food as well as beautiful views of the lake from above. The House Khas fort is filled with remnants of Islamic architecture, and a lake in sparkling water that gives you a sense of serenity. As the sun sets, the view of the castle at sunset is beyond sound. After sunset, the place becomes more lively for couples with a full number of pubs and restaurants. 

12. Delhi Haat, INA 

No matter how frequent the sunset, nothing can lose its beauty and the golden and purple color that colors the sky after the sun goes down. Parthasarathy Rocks is an open auditorium on the JNU campus surrounded by some rocky hills. Tons of love staring at the horizon, watching here as the sun sets beneath it and the scene of being bound in your memory forever.

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13. World of Wonder Park

If you are a couple who loves adventure and tries something new, the Indian Mountaineering Foundation is the place for you. Here, you can try a variety of sports such as rock climbing, Burma Bridge, rope ladder, and tire swing. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert in it, the place promises you fun and adventure. 

14. Purana Qila

Wandering on the old killer green lawn while looking at the ancient but beautiful red sandstone fort gives you the feeling of being away from the city while you are in town. You can go boating on the lake or go to the nearest zoo and spend quality time with your soul mate.

15. Champa Gali

Delhi has never failed to bring beautiful surprises. So if you want to move away for Monday Blues or Taco Tuesday or just want a favorite Dinky locale to take a Tui photo and post it on your Instagram, we’ve come to your rescue in Holiday. The newly established locale is gaining speed and significant popularity not only for its fast-food cafes but also for its Parisian alleys and glittering labyrinthine setting.

The spot offers a rustic antique-world attraction and is a mix of its Bitsy cafeteria, coffee shop, art gallery, and some organic nick-stack stores. The once-Ramshakal area of ​​Saidulzaib next to Saket has been revived and is now furnished with tinsel lights, cultural decor, fancy thematic settings, and small seating that will take you back to the alleys and alleys of ‘Midnight Paris’.

16. Le Cirque

A name that is a brand in itself, Le SAARC Delhi is a branch of Le SAARC in New York that has proven to be among the top competitors to serve the world’s extraordinary food. Le Sark Delhi has developed itself according to the needs of Delhi and has become a gathering place for all the celebrities of the city. A glorious date over a candlelight dinner here would mean a lot to any couple. The strong attitude of the place will keep you stuck in the place, maybe the two of them will stick together.

17. Street Food Hopping

When there is a love triangle, where you both like food, the best way to combine that bond is to wander the streets of Delhi, discovering the wonderful taste of the city streets. Explore Delhi’s street food together hand in hand, because a couple who eats together stays together.

18. Mehrauli Archeological Park

Mehrauli is one of the seven ancient cities that belong to the present state of Delhi and the archeological park here is a testament to its past prosperity. Knowing the history of Delhi would be a great idea for those who fell in love with this hometown. The park presents its visitors with a peaceful time together, which proves to be a good place for some great conversations. No one will listen to you except your partner and the 100 scattered monuments here.

19. India Habitat Centre

Located on Lodhi Road, the campus creates a multifaceted environment for cultural events, commercial spaces, food joints, and social spots, making the India Residence Center one of the heartlands of Delhi. The place is an example of architecture, designed for an irresistible environment for social communication. Simply put, this is a great place to plan your next date.

20. Satya Niketan Cafe

This neighborhood is most famous for the uniqueness of the cafes here as well as the number among the youth of Delhi. The names of the cafes are as unique as the cafes. As Delhi University’s South Campus prepares for a large segment of the crowd, the locale has transformed itself into a cluster of gatherings for the perfect hangouts. It is one of the places meant for pocket-friendly birthday parties and fun and romantic dates.

21. Kylin Sky Bar

One of the most expensive bars in Delhi, Kylen Premier’s Sky Bar makes the bar higher for the environment. The menu has authentic ingredients and herbs with a uniquely delicious combination of food and wine. The Star of the Show is undoubtedly the setting created by the setting which includes candle lights and plush sofas with open-air lounges. Kylin Sky Bar truly presents a romantic feel for a perfect date.

22. Olive Bar & Kitchen

Olive Bar & Kitchen lives in a spectacular environment and an amazing outdoor environment and excellent taste in its food. The place is a haven for couples who like to have some nice conversations at a classic Sunday brunch on a lazy Sunday morning. Outdoor seats in the open sky become more romantic as the evening progresses, hitting the space with some harmonious warm colors.

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23. Damdama Lake

About an hour away from New Delhi, it has a quiet, rural, and peaceful atmosphere. In the habitat of one hundred and ninety species of native and migratory birds, the water level reaches up to fifty feet in the rainy and winter seasons and most of the migratory birds are seen in these seasons. You can enjoy the scenic views while boating on paddleboats, rowboats, and motorboats.

24. Garden of Five Senses, Saidul Ajaib

The Garden of Five Sense Delhi is one of the best places for a long romantic walk for couples with many theme areas, water lilies, bamboo courts, herb gardens, and solar energy parks with a section including a line of Mughal gardens. With your loved one. With beautifully designed landscapes and a variety of restaurants to choose from, the Garden is the perfect place to spend some quality time with your partner.

25. Lodhi Gardens

A peaceful afternoon between the beautiful flower beds in the old ruins of Lodi Garden and the beautiful scenery that you need with your good half after your two better dreams. Being the best couple park in Delhi, couples can spend time talking or enjoy the tranquility of the garden lying on the wide green lawn. Some famous food treats in the garden end your day with some mouth-watering food. However, Lodhi Garden Restaurant is now permanently closed.


In today’s busy life, couples rarely have the opportunity to spend some quality time together. And when they do, a large portion of the time is spent on locating. Until a decision is made, the urge to do something goes away. So, next time, when you finally get a chance to take your loved one on a date, visit one of these places, which will not disappoint you.

There are countless beautiful places for couples in Delhi to spend some private and romantic moments with your special person. There is something for all kinds of couples here, from just the little cafe to the adventure park and the vibrant market.